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9. 11. 2010

Belt buckle
We can produce for you an original belt buckle, a variety of shapes. We manufacture belt buckle in small batches of 10 pieces and a large variety of finishes. Your buckle can be a wet look (copper, brass, nickel, silver, gold ...), or we can create very impressive patina (matte bronze, old copper ...) or it can be one color from 32 shades of enamel, which can be opaque or transparent. Alternatively, choose a combination of finishes, so that your belt buckle is a unique original. For production we use your own design, or help you with a truly original design belt buckle. In the following examples, which we produced for our clients to inspire you as it might seem just that your belt buckle. Samples of our products:
Auto-moto Fauna-flora Memorial Ornaments Frames Other
opaskove-spony40 opaskove-spony38 opaskove_spony10 opaskove_spony06 opaskove-spony31 opaskove_spony21
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