Richard Coufal
Horova 54, 616 00 Brno
Tel.: +420 603 772 780

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Last update:
9. 11. 2010

Vyrábíme odznaky, medaile, opaskové spony.


We are a family business established in 2001 originally as a company for hand painting tin pictures. From the beginning of 2004 when we bought new technology for tin and zinc spin casting, we are negaged in making small metal casts. As are waistbelt buckles, Christmas decorations, key pendants, badges, breastpins, medals, company logos, pawns, glassware labels etc. We are able to manufacture to order - from origination to final product. We can provide galvanic coating including two coloured coating or other special surface treatment according to your specification. We are also involved in casting nd hand blown glass